A deceased owner. A gem property currently a hazard and eye sore.

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I have a 2 family home, with the units side by side, 14 rooms in all. A real gem of the block. The owner passed away, awhile ago and the tenant has just been living there. The property is becoming a hazardous eye sore. I cannot find a clear owner of the property and the city does not have a name for who last paid the taxes on the property. According to the neighbors there are no heirs and they thought the city owned it. What can I do?

Have you checked the who s paying the water or other utilities?

Have you checked probate?

Google the owners name and see if you can come up with an obituary.  Sometime you can find next of kin or maybe an on line guest book that will give you some clues.

If all else fails move into the vacant side and become a squatter, lol...

Good Luck

Welcome to the BP community, @Anthony Campbell . Lots of good resources here. I suggest you complete your profile and upload a face pix.

For clarification, you don't 'have' a property, but merely identified a 'suspect'.

You need to research title via recorded documents. This is typically done at the county recorders office or you might be able to get some level of access online or from someone in RE with a relationship with a title insurance company.

A vacant house is not necessarily abandoned. Lots of possible scenarios. You need to determine if there's any equity. It might have negative value if the cost to repair and/or liens is greater than land value. 

@Bob B. thanks for the response. I am not sure if there is water in the home. As far as electricity I don't believe there is any in the home. My contractor confirmed that the wires from the post to the house are very old and I drove by at night twice and have never seen lights. The neighbors has said there seems to be no lights or electricity in the home. 


@Rick H. Thanks for the welcome. Guess you could say I have it in my sights on it. The title says the deceased name. It is not vacant a tenant lives there but cannot or is not taking care of the place. It is not sure who he is paying too, as everyone thought he was paying the city. 

The house is paid off for. It owes taxes. 

The perfect "abandominium"

First, jack the power, and the water.

Then hang around AA, CA, or NA rooms and tell them you have a "Recovery House"

Two per bedroom, collect the rent weekly. 

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