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Hello BP family! 

I'm posting today because I would like to lend my services in any way possible. 

I am looking to network with local wholesalers & investors who are looking to collaborate on some deals. I come across an average of 3 deals a week. 3 deals of which I would love to pass of to a buyer or co-broke with a wholesaler who has a buyers list of their own. 

I am not trying to access anyone's list as I know we like to guard these things like Fort Knox, I am simply trying to spread the wealth and create some great partnerships on my way to wealth. 

Any help would be appreciated as we are all here to be great. 

Thank you in advance! 

Hi Anthony,

I would love to work with you.  Do you have deals in other states or jest Florida?

hey @Michele J.

Thanks for replying. I currently do not have any deals outside of Florida, I have come across them in the past but not as of late. 

I see you're in Cali and I would love to help you out in your market in any way that I can. I will shoot you an email and let's see where it goes! 


I'll await your email.

Hi!  Do you come across any homes in Orlando?  Just joined recently and trying to understand all the financing options, but I would eventually like to buy and rent out a property in Orlando.

@Anthony Hill new to the wholesale, I was wondering what kind of methods or mailing  criteria  do you use to attract leads? Three deals a weeks sounds great so I had to ask thanks.

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@Anthony Hill

 Welcome! Feel free to send out my property to your list. I can pay you a co-broke fee as long as you are licensed. If not, we can work something else out. 

@Anthony Hill hey there i want to talk to you about possible networking pm me to talk

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