What works best for you bandit signs or direct mail ?

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Hello Wholesalers,

What has worked best for you guys this year for finding wholesale deals? Bandit signs or direct mail ? 

For direct mail where do you get your list from ? What website is less saturated, with lots of wholesalers now these days, many have the same lists. But to your experience, what what place or website has worked the best for you guys ? 

What type of list do you get ? Absentee owners ? Probate ? 

Much help would be appreciated. 

Bandit signs work, but they generate random calls - you don't know if the caller has equity, a mobile home, etc.  You just take the calls and look for the good ones.

Direct mail is sent to a specific group, such as absentees with 50%+ equity & single-family houses within a certain price range.  Callers from this tend to be higher quality leads because you chose the pool that received them.

Listsource.com is the #1 list source (pun intended).  Offered by CoreLogic, which is a major data provider to the real estate and mortgage industries.  You want data from a trusted source that real pros use, not from some obscure source that no one uses.

Start with absentees as described above.  Probates are a different animal (must be handled with care) and owner occupants in general are a hard pool to mine for motivation.

Most wholesalers I know are NOT mailing to all the Abs with Equity.  Lots of people talk in this business.  Few DO.  =)

Hi Patron

@Dev Horn 's info is spot on.  If you do a "listsource" search on BP Dev actually has a full step by step (screen shots and all) post on how to utilize Listsource.  I used his info at the start of the month, got a decent sized list, did my own research and yellow letter campaign and have since received a steady flow of calls.  In fact one of the owners called and stated he wasn't interested in selling the home I inquired about but went on to tell me about two of his other properties as well as a couple other properties that may be of interest to me.

Good luck, Patron!

And thanks for your contribution to BP, Dev!

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