Wholesaling Lease Options

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I am a wondering if there is anyone in the Phoenix area that is willing to help me with some lease option deals. I do quite a bit of direct mail marketing and I am loosing potential deals because I am not familiar with the lease option strategy. I am willing to jv these deals with someone that is willing to walk me through a few transactions.

I would suggest you talk to @brian gibbons

he knows all that there is when it comes to lease options. As a side note and not promoting anything, he also teaches / coaches L/O.

@Marcus Maloney welcome to the world of marketing and generating leads...they come in and YOUR JOB is to determine the pile they go into....


@Brian Gibbons undefined   is not as pretty as me, but got me started....

I can help but go to him first.....

This will be pulled by the overseers....

"My dad always said if you keep doing that you'll go blind.."

"Dad...I'm over here.."

I can only say that because I've now had to go to the eye doctor and they were shocked I am driving..

Getting old sucks...

I had 20 15 vision when I applied for flight school in the U.S. Marines 

Now it's like 20 50 :(

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