Bandit Signs problem

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Okay so there is this guy using bandit signs a lot in my city and in my city it is against city code to post them. I know another investor that uses bandit signs here and there but not enough to be noticed or cause an issue. This other guy has littered the area with these signs. I never knew how trashy these signs look until this guy has polluted my area with them. Should I do the reasonable thing and try and talk to him or should I just find out who he is and tell the city? Or just tell the city?

Won't matter. He's breaking the law, knows it, and is going to keep trying to make his money anyway. Simple capitalism. I say stop worrying about his business and worry about yours. You'll be much more productive that way. 

I grab them whenever it is convenient and toss them in my dumpster. There is one poster on here who pays neighborhood kids a bounty of a buck apiece.

I second what Alexander said. It's a long life and a small world, no sense creating enemies within the real estate investor community. That person could potentially help you in the future, for example bringing you a deal. 

Just rip the signs down and throw them in your car. When you get home, toss them in the trash.

When I was a police officer in SoCal I used to hop out of my black and white at red lights all of the time, tear down the signs, throw them in my back seat and be back in my car before the light turned green. Many times people would smile, honk or even clap for me. LOL

I don't begrudge people who put out "bandit signs" or any other signs which visually pollute neighborhoods. I just assume that they are from lower socioeconomic families and/or they are so myopic that they care nothing about others or the area that they live in. In other words, their parents were low life bottom feeders so why would we expect better from the offspring???

It's just a small part of our collective "race to the bottom". Welcome to 2015.


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