How Does It Look? NEW Postcard Marketing Piece

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Hey everyone,

I am getting ready to send out a new marketing campaign to absentee wholesale leads. Below is what our new postcard mailer looks like. We wanted to keep it simple, and to the point. Any thoughts, or criticisms are much appreciated!




I love the color choices and layout on the front. And I'm sure you want us to be brutally honest so here are my immediate concerns:

1. The "Need to Sell?" is a little vague at first glance. I don't know what I want to sell until I read further.

2. I would probably put an email address on the card.

3. The picture is good, but it just says "Me and Roxie." We don't know what your name is.

4. I don't think all the words need to be capitalized in your list. Definitely not "For" and "To."

It looks really good otherwise and obviously, you don't have to listen to me at all. The card definitely gets your point across and I'm sure it'll be successful. Good Luck!

@Carson Sweezy   Definitely add your name. I agree that adding that you're buying houses on the front might be helpful. Maybe a line above it all that says "Have a House?" .. then go into "Need to Sell?

Just my initial thoughts. Otherwise this looks great!

*Increase font on phone number

*Buy a URL and direct it to your facebook page or create a landing page.  Looks like is available.

Overall looks good and I like that you put a pic of yourself and dog. 

Great advice from all three gents. If you take their advice, you will likely find success. Btw, good call on presenting your mailer to the BP community!

I like the following wording better, take it for what its worth.

We buy your house "AS-IS"

No need to pay for COSTLY repairs

We pay ALL closing costs

You pay no realtor fees

Fast Closing

All Cash Offer!

I like the simple clean design. I agree with the tips above. Be more clear in what you can do for them and provide an email address. 

Thank you all for your responses. 

@Tim Alvarez I think I will send out some with email address and some without, and see how responses vary. I feel that too many points of contact will sometimes deter people. 

@Jeremy Ferguson Duly noted, I am adding both name and house reference. 

@Rocky V. I have a domain, but dont like the name (long story) I figured that my facebook url states my purpose more. Thanks for the address, I like the .us domain. 

@Shawn Thom

We buy your house "AS-IS"

No need to pay for COSTLY repairs

No cleaning necessary 

We pay ALL closing costs


ALL CASH offer

A few questions/comments:

Where do the address and postage go?

Where is your headline?  If someone is sorting their mail over the garbage can, what will compel 5-10% of them enough to not immediately throw it away?

Think about adding more 'emotive words' to your copy.

Remember, the key to direct response marketing: introduce the problem-> agitate the prospect -> provide a solution

That said, I think this is a simple and easy marketing piece for a single round of marketing.  What do you plan on following up with?  Hitting prospects consistently with this same message will likely get you results, but I believe your response and conversions will improve dramatically by using different kinds of mail pieces with the same, but 'different' message.

@Carson Sweezy I would say that you need to be laser focused on your "audience". These would be great for every door direct mail but if you are targeting an absentee owner list, probate, pre-foreclosure, etc you have to "speak" to them. Write a headline that relates to the type of list you're mailing to. Like my friend @Dev Horn has instructed several of us to do. Maybe he could chime in... 

@Jeremy T. For the follow up I am working on a postcard piece that explains how we will improve the community. Then maybe hit this one again on the 3rd time, or come up with another piece that is a more detailed letter. 

@Rene Martinez Good point, best to hit as close to home as possible. As I work on the follow up pieces, I will implement a piece that they hear loud and clear. 


Also, the headline will say Own A Home... Need To Sell... Do you have any suggestions for an "emotive headline"? 

Thanks for your post.

You should figure out where you are printing this and ask them for guidelines for address and postage block, so you don't create a design and then find out at time to print that you didn't allow space for those things per postal regulations.

I agree with @Jeremy T. that you need to present the problem, how it could get worse if not addressed (agitation), and what solution you provide to solve that problem and save the day.   You solution has 3 elements: speed, cash, and as-is (no need for repairs).  As others are making a similar offer, you want to touch on something unique about you or your solution.  That's the anatomy of a good mailer.

"We Buy Houses" sounds like a company (i.e., ours ;-).   You're going for a personal connection with the pic of you and your dog Roxie - "I Buy Houses" would work better for you, and use "I" in the phrases as well.  That can give you the personal touch of a letter with the professionalism, cost, & quick impact of a postcard.

I am in the same situation. I want to start my direct mail campaign, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. 

@Michael Quarles Hey Michael, is your phone number direct? Would love to be able to ask you some questions. I also sent you a private message on BP. thanks!

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