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I am about to start marketing to probates. I don't answer calls live, because my schedule precludes it, but rather my calls go to a voice mail drop. I realize this isn't optimal but it's the only sane way to do wholesaling and my day job at the same time.

For my other lead types I have an up beat sales-y voice mail. But, I feel this is completely inappropriate given the somber nature of the occasion. Do you have any suggestions on how to best handle this?


hey this is Jeff. Not here right now please leave a message. Bye. 

Is a voice mail "drop" the same as a voice mailbox?

People overthink the serious aspects of probate. It's better to be professional and a little empathic. 

Those who are dealing with trust and estate assets are dealing with stuff, plain and simple. Few are still grief-stricken. I've had two in the last couple of decades.

I hired my friend Susan Berkeley to professionally record our business phone system. She is the AT&T operator voice. That's more to do with my commitment to professionalism than my particular market. 

Keep your message simple, clear, nothing clever, no music and let them know that their message is important to you. 

Thanks @Rick H.

Yes, it's a voice mail box that puts the incoming call data (and the voice mail itself) into a CRM. I return calls later that evening (if possible) or the following day if I'm swamped.

Thanks for the advice.


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