whats seems to be the best time to door knock

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Hi There,

Wholesaler's, what in your experience seems to be the best time to door knock and what time would you say is a good cut off. meaning it would be rude to go after, let say 7pm.

I hate to repeat myself but in a Probate case at least have the decency to wait until the departed spouse has a funeral and then wait about 2 weeks before you make an offer anything sooner shows disrespect . 

As far as Distressed sellers go as soon as you get the information call and discuss their situation stating that YOU have possible SOLUTIONS to their situations . Most people do NOT want to live in stressful circumstances if you can offer solutions many people will take your advice . 

There will always be a certain amount of folks that really just don't care and are more than willing to stay on until the very last day possible If I get that sense on the phone I pretty much end it there just NOT going to waste my time with low % of getting anything done . 

Thanks Bob, As far the times what seems to work best for you. Evenings,days and or weekends.

I let the Seller set the time if my schedule allows it . 

thanks bob

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