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Good Evening fellow Investors,

So I've been doing my homework on Real estate Wholesaling for several months now and even got as far as getting a property under contract. Unfortunately I was unable to find a end buyer to purchase the property and got very discouraged during the process. I stop looking for deals and decided to take in more knowledge about the business before trying again. I decided to take a different approach and changed my strategy. I. Currently building my buyers list day by day. I think by doing this first I would know what areas buyers want in on and have buyers to market my deals to when I get them. I was wondering what market strategies should I use? I think different strategies have different results in different places. Being new to the wholesaling business, what is the best way to find motivated seller? I seem to know how to get buyer lead so my strategy for marketing to buyers is working great. Once I get my business cards and post cards, I will print out flyers to place on people cars at places like Lowe's and Home Depot. It's there any advice for beginners in the wholesaling business? whats the best way to market to buyers and sellers? Is there anything in particular I should be doing to build and promote my business. I know I have a great chance here in the Philadelphia market is there any advice you guys have for a young ambitious and  determined investor?

Welcome to BP!

There are tons of free resources for you to start your real estate career.
Take a moment and look at the learn tab on top and read through all the how to guides.
Next listen to all the podcasts. That should answer 90% of your questions.

There are lots of podcasts on wholesaling.  I advise listening to all of them

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