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Hi, I'm Alexander 

I'm new to wholeselling not to mention realestate in general and now I'm getting my contracts and team together before I hit the streets. I talked to a couple real estate attorneys and they don't seem to know much about wholesale. Can anyone point me to the right direction? 

Also I'm looking for someone local that can coach me, I'll pay for your time. Pm please

Thank you

I was looking to jump in to Vegas. 

Use keywords alerts. Just by typing Vegas people will see your post here. I use my city and anytime some one posts about it I get an email. 

Contracts don't have to be complicated, just get the seller to agree to a number, get it in writing. Any mandatory paperwork will get sorted out by title (or your end buyer). Don't over think this.

thanks for the advice . I'm Looking into bird dog , so I can gain some knowledge and experience. Start small to go big. Right now I realized it's not about the money at this stage it's more about building your knowledge to get to the next higher level. So I think being a bird dog might be a good start. 

This post has been removed.

It's been a awhile since the last post. 

@Alexander De Arcos any luck?

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