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what's the best way to find the ARV to do my numbers for a wholesale deal if i don't have access to the mls to run comps?

Redfin is pretty good for comps. Don't use the app though

Have you talked to any agents?  They can set you up on automatic for anything that matches what you're trying to comp.  

I haven't talked to realtors yet. Will they run comps for me for free or will it be a fee?

Anyone can get a Real List account - Its the same thing the Pinellas Realtor Association MLS links to. I pay about $1000 per year to them as part of my Realtor dues and do comp properties for free when I'm acting as a buyer's agent. Comping a property is an art - especially in this market - and takes some time.

A comp report is just a start to comping a property, you also have to get out there and drive the comps to see how they actually compare to the property. 

Don't just rely on "solds" either...

Sorry - hit post reply before I finished. Before I really consider a property I also get in MLS and look at active listing comps, and even expired and withdrawn listings to try to figure out why they didn't sell. Lastly I check MLS for price reduction comps too, but there's usually not many of those.

Hope this helped

I used a combination of websites to get an average ARV of a property. 1 of my favorite is

It was recommended by a seasoned investor in a REA meeting. 

I just tried redfin and it seems to be way off on a couple of houses I am familiar with. Like everything else, use your best judgment. 

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