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Hey BP! I have a property under contract and I have potential buyers who want to view the inside of the property. I ran into a problem (tenant does not allow me on to the property) and the only way for me to show the property is for the owner (seller) to grant me access in person. I personally did not want the buyer and seller to meet in person until closing. What can I do so that I can keep them on neutral terms and not discuss a deal behind my back? 

The buyer is your funding partner or money guy. As long as you have the property under contract you are reasonably protected and the end buyer would be pretty short sighted to undermine you and lose a deal source. You'd have to ask someone else but I  think you can record your contract which would cloud title in case the seller breaks the agreement. In Sean Terry podcast, #64 I think, he interviews Cris Chico and Cris goes over how he handles these things. Good luck 

Btw, the seller and buyer shouldn't even meet at closing unless they have to in NY for some reason. 

@Russell Ponce Thanks for the advice. Definitely will watch the podcast and see whats best for me. 

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