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I have a quick question.
If someone calls me form my direct mail campaign and I cannot answer the phone at the time, am I allowed to call them back if they do not leave me a voicemail or message. Can I just use their caller ID# to call them back or is that considered solicitation?

Hello Blake, 

  I say call them back ASAP. You may or may not have to leave a voice message yourself, but if so just keep following-up and leave no lead behind.

My phone has an option to send a text message when I can't take a call, such as "I am in a meeting and will call you right back" or "please leave a message" These are helpful when you can't take the call live, but always follow-up as soon as possible. Most here will tell you to always call back within five minutes while the prospect is still thinking about you.

I hope that helps.

No problem Blake,

BTW, how is the response rate looking on your campaign? Are you marketing for the St. Paul area or somewhere else?

I am marketing to Ramsey county so essentially yea St. Paul. Absentee owners are my target for this campaign.

I just finished sending out 475 postcards in 3 waves so the last wave just went out on Saturday. I'm guessing the first two have hit for now and I have received 3 calls so far.  2 of them seem to be quality leads so far and one was a "take me off your list" call.

This is my first marketing campaign so there is a lot of learning as I go. I will be sending out a typed letter in a hand addressed invitation envelope for the next wave to the same list. Hopefully I can get a higher response rate from those.

Good luck!

Are you hoping for buy and hold, or are you a wholesaler, or? 

Honestly I am just marketing for deals. I will most likely wholesale them but If I find one that would work out for me to acquire as a rental I would love to do that and get my first property. I would also like to flip a property as well. My goal for this year is to do one of each.

@Blake Reynolds

If you are not using a CRM system such as Zoho or polio then I would recommend you start. When people call I would enter it into the system and set tasks to call them back every two days until you get in contact with them, I go after every lead until I get a no unless they don't answer say 10 times in a row.

@Micah Copeland

I am currently using realeflow for my CRM as well as many other things so I've got that covered. It actually makes a world of difference. That's also where I get all my leads from as well and when I do that I can automatically save my leads to my contacts so If I get a call I can just look them up and their property info is all there.

That's a good reference however to call about 10x. I was wondering that as well so thank you.

There is no law preventing you from calling them back. Do not call registry gives a grace period if they initiated contact. (I want to say it's 30 days.) You don't want to "harass" them but you do want to follow up. Something else that we do is wait till you get around 5 of them and shoot a text with "Looks like I missed your call. Sorry about that. Did you have a house you are wanting to sell?"

I will have to look into if I can send that text response with Google Voice.

@Blake Reynolds

Best of luck with your marketing campaign. I've done some marketing to the Twin Cities area so feel free to ask if you want a second opinion. Also, I'm a cash buyer looking for deals so feel free to add me to your buyers list. 



That's interesting, I've never even thought about it and don't know the answer, but I think it's fairly common practice to call or text hangups. I get idiots calling me all day and I never called them at all, that's got to be worse. 

I think there's that list that people get on in an attempt to halt cold callers but I can't imagine returning a call is the same thing.

@Blake Reynolds - Congrats on taking Massive Action. Mailing a few post cards may not seem like much but it is a great way to get going. Do not squander any leads - if you miss a call - try to connect right away. If you are going to spend the time and money on mailing - it is best capture those leads the best you can, if you are not able to answer the phone regularly you may consider a recorded message to qualify leads and not just go to a voice mail box where 90% of people are going to hang up. 

Most people who put up bandit signs or do direct mail don't know what to do with the calls so they go to the next investor. Practice your scripts and questions to be effective.

Best of Luck!

@Travis Sperr

Yea it is nice to actually have taken some action. There was a while there where I was just stuck with all of the information I was absorbing.

I know I totally butchered the first few leads just getting used to the calls and questions but I have gotten quite a bit more efficient and confident in taking calls and talking to people about their property.

Here is an update on my Stats for the first full set of postcards:

476 Sent out to Absentee owners

From those I received 6 Calls which puts me at about 1.3%. None of them have shown real promise in turning into a deal but its still a work in progress. One call was a "stop sending me stuff" call. And we got one person to submit their email on my website which I am following up with now.

For my next set of marketing I am going to do Typed letters to the same list and hand address the envelope to get a better response rate. I'm just looking for my first deal!

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