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Hi I'm DW! Owner of a local investment business. I'm looking to get into wholesaleing here in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. Is there any advice for a newbie to this style of business. New Orleans ppl can be some closed minded ppl. Thanks for your responds. 

I believe you are the first NOLA newbie that at least understands what you are up against. I try my best to tell out of state folks what things are like here. I am not exaggerating when I say you step back about 200 years, things are still done the old fashioned way. New Orleans is like a prickly pear, if you don't know how to peel her you surely cannot eat her.

[email protected] your assement of New Orleans and surrounding areas is dead on. So how can a person try a new way of doing things if the ppl are 2 to 3 hundred years in the rear. But that won't stop me at all is their any advice on how you peeled the pear??

@Damien White Sr.

Welcome to the BP community. You will find a lot of good information here. Make sure to view the BP blogs under "Learn."

I think the key is in NOT trying to do things in a new way. I know all kinds of people that do the bandit signs and the mail outs and they do get deals BUT the best deals in this city come from getting out there and talking to people. You know how it is around here, business is done face to face, usually involves food, often involves cocktails, and always involves good old fashioned conversation. Mail gets thrown in the trash and phone calls go unanswered, word of mouth is the best way to get around. Be active in the community, talk to everyone you can, let people get to know you. Always approach the subject of buying houses in a way that let's people know you are there to help. Be honest, upfront and fair with sellers. Do not try to make a killing while giving them a fraction of the profit. You know how tight people are here. If you help someone out AND make them money, they will tell friends and family and your phone will ring. 

Thanks A lot @KimberlyJones. I think I've learn more from your responding message. Than researching BP blogs cause you're right my mind can't stop running with fresh ideas now. And Yes I do know how we are as ppl. I will be upfront with sellers and buyers. That's the only way I know how to be.  Good luck with your investments and life.

Thanks and I will @MarkNolan I'll will take you up on your responding message thanks sir!

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