Where to find good lists?

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Hey everyone i was hoping to get some insight from people experienced with direct mailing to delinquent tax, code violation, etc. I wanted to try mailing to these groups but don't know how i would go about getting these lists. Just call the county clerk and see if they have a list i can get a copy of? Any other lists i should try? Probate? Thanks in advance.

Yes @Joshua McCarthy usually you have to physically visit the office to get this information. Some counties are more tech savvy than others and will provide this information online (usually for a charge). I would also get in contact with probate attorneys in your area and ask if they wouldn't mind giving you some leads. Title companies can be a good resource too. 

@Joshua McCarthy

 There is a company called Rebogateway that may help you.  I'm not sure if they are in your area though:  http://www.rebogateway.com/intro/products

@Brian C.

@Justin S.

Thanks guys for the insight. I heard probate was a great target market but didn't want to jump right in without enough experience in case i had to explain that i'm not chasing hearses trying to make a quick buck

I've been very disappointed with rebogate. Sign up with caution. 

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