Looking to Start Direct Mail Campaign

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I am looking to start a direct mail campaign in Philly.  I'm thinking the best list for me to target is absentee owners on list source.  Any suggestions on which filters are best to target?  Any tips would be appreciated. 

Hey Jared!  In the Property tab, use:

- Property Type = SFR and/or the typical house types you are looking for
- Equity % = at least 40%... 50% or higher is good
- Total Assessed Value = the ARV range for the properties you seek

Under the Options tab:

- Select Owner Occupied Status = Absentee (we use both in & out of state)

From there, use filters to help you get to the size list you want, such as:

- Property tab >> Length of Residence, Last Market Sale Date, and/or Year Built

You may discover that some filters are not available in your area.  If you apply a filter and the record count goes really low or to zero, that filter is likely not available for you to use.

I forgot to add, I recently did a video on how to pull an absentee owner list using Listsource.com:

FOR BETTER VIEWING: Change the quality to HD (720p) and view full screen.