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Hello BP Fam,

I am now serious about the wholesale business ...

I live in North Central MA (Leominster to be specific) and was wondering who is a reliable and accredited attorney, title company and/or accountant in Massachusetts real estate tax and contracts law, especially on the wholesale side (as that is my expertise) who will get me on my feet as to what I need to know and understand about how to structure creative financing and assignment of contract deals

Thank You,

Patrick S.

Hey @Patrick Sullivan Im in Leominster as well. As far as a real estate attorney I would reccomend Dave Rocheford. His office is in the building over by BJ's. I dont know whether or not he does much w wholesaling. MA doesn't really use title companies like many states although Dave has set up a separate title company as there seems to be a shift towards that practice coming. MA uses attorneys for closings. I think its a MA general laws thing that someone is trying to change. 

I would also reccomend Henry Kulik for an accountant. His office is in the fairly new yellow office building on Merriam Ave down towards the courthouse. Actually next to there is Charles Gelinas another good attorney and after him is Mark Bodanza another attorney who I have used in the past. You could also look up Matt Campobasso. He's an attorney that does a lot of RE stuff. He is an investor himself. His office is downtown above Subway. 

I would speak with at least a couple of those attorneys. I know them all personally except Gelinas although they do have a good reputation in the area. 

Good luck. 

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