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I have decided to start direct marketing to absentee owners, primarily to find investment opportunities for myself, but with intentions of passing along deals to other investors if it doesn't meet my criteria.  I don't have a "buyers list" although I have read up on different strategies here on bp of finding them. (Some ppl. here are Really creative!) 

My question is that being that I am marketing to landlords, there are obviously some of them still more interested in buying than selling, and you know they are the real deal as they are owners, not time wasters, so is there a way of sticking in the message that if they are interested in buying I may have inventory for them.  Not sure how I would phrase it without getting tacky "I buy houses, (and also may have some to sell)".   I also don't want to confuse my message, I am a big believer in simple, clear messages.

Has anyone ever tried this double marketing? Have you had success?

Hi @Mark Cohen .  I have received calls/e-mails inquiring if I had anything for sale from my absentee owners mailings. They have all been tire kickers looking to buy at a steep discount as well or folks wanting to meet for coffee and 'pick my brain' about investing. Yawn. The ones that show interest in buying more are also mostly multi-family owners, not single-family.  Most small absentee owners are accidental landlords and aren't interested in buying.  If you have a list that targets apt owners, I say it's worth a shot.   

When I advertise on craigslist that I am reviewing property proposals and also have a a couple plexes for sale, 90% of my responses are folks looking for more property.  They are also new to this and ask if I will seller carry.  No name.  First e-mail.  Give me a break!  No cash buyers there.  

 I may not be the one to ask.  I don't do mass-mailings with bold headlines. I only mail to absentee owners with an event and my message is a soft sale.  If their tenant is having a moving/garage sale, if their property looks untended, if they are receiving default notices, etc. they hear from me.  Maybe folks that take 'massive action' can be more helpful.