Is this a good time frame to call back a seller?

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I'm new to BP and real estate investing. I have too many phone calls coming in (about 25 in the last 3 hours). I am too tired to call back the other 13 callers (I've been talking and marketing for 10 hours). Some of them called me at 3:00 and it is now 7:20 (I guess I should have got to them first), so should I call now or get back to them first thing in the morning? Do you think I could lose my potential motivated sellers?

I would call back until 9pm their time. If it's west coast and you are in eastern time you can call up to 12am midnight. If someone calls late, talk to them or call them back ASAP. They are up stressed about their property and want it taken care of. Also, if you are talking to people that long get to the point of the call and move it along. This is your business and your time is valuable. Decide how you want to spend it.