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I'm sending out my first set of postcards and letters this week, and  need some advice on the mailings. Do you need to do anything extra to get the post office to return mailers to you besides making sure your address is on them? I've read that depending on the class of mail, postcards get trashed instead of being returned to the sender or forwarded. 

Do I have to add 'address service requested' or something similar to get them back, or the letters? I've browsed the USPS website, but it hasn't been helpful or clear. 

If you want the post cards to come back, just place "Address Service Requested" under your return address or under the postage that you add. There is no charge to do this on post cards as long as they are sent either first class or first class presort. You will pay for each return if something is mailed "standard class" or what used to be called Bulk Rate. 

There is no standard class rate for post cards under 4.25"x6". 

@Alan G.

 Thanks! I'll have to see if I can find an 'Address service requested' stamp at an office supply store. I'd have to measure the PCs, but pretty sure they're under that size. Thanks again. 

David, its not a stamp. You just need to have that line printed on the postcards either directly under where you place the stamp or under the return address

Good luck

You were right Alan. I just got my first Address Service Requested return. It was returned to my home office which is my return address. They charged 59 cents and now I have a new address.