Letter to Absentee Owners: What to Include and Proof-Reading

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Hello All,

I am COMPLETELY new in wholesaling but am serious. That said, I have the following questions:

What should I write to absentee owners the first time? What should I write to them the second and subsequent times (should they yet to respond)

Is it better to hand write my letters (BTW - my hand writing is sub-par and I have not the funds to pay a professional writer), or will typing do the trick [for now]?

Is there anything else I should know before advancing onward?

P.S. - I have driven for dollars on properties that seem old, distressed and vacant, though do not show that they are uninhabited in the deeds and are not in my ListSource list ... all of my ListSource properties [thus far] were either inhabited or seemed inhabited, although it may be that I did my run on Saturday

Thank You,


Lots of info on here to research. I think the prevailing wisdom is the less info you put in your message the more calls you will receive and more of them will be tire kickers. If you're really good on the phone this may be your best approach. 

If your message has a little more copy it probably will generate less calls but they may be pre-screened, i.e, they know they are calling an investor who won't be interested in paying retail. 

The idea of less/more copy goes hand in hand with the message being general/specific. Hope that helps a little but I'm not the authority here, I would suggest to scour the forum for posts by Michael Quarles, Jerry Puckett, and the topic of direct mail in general 

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