Warranty on Foundation work but home was bought at an auction

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I am trying to close on a home that has foundation issues. You can tell the home was repair but now there is issues again. The home was bought at an auction. I called the foundation company and they stated it was a life time warranty on the home but the owner has to transfer the warranty. Is there a process to get the  warranty transferred since the home was auctioned off? The old owner abandoned the home.

Joe, you as owner should be able to transfer utilizatizing the foundation. Companies form and some fee.  I did this myself for a home we purchased in Plano and I just needed the address of property to give to the foundation repair company. It has to be transferred by current owner not previous owner.  

@Joe Johnson

If the Foundation Company insists that the previous owner has to transfer, attempt to contact the previous owner and offer them $100 for their time. I have done this many times to obtain items such as warranties and surveys