Finding Wholesalers in Houston!

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I'm having a rough time trying to find wholesalers in the Houston area who need go selling their properties. I've posted ads on Craigslist to see if any wholesalers would contact me, and I've also contacted sellers on Craigslist as well. Of all the wrist work, I've only come across one wholesaler who did not have a good property In my opinion because the numbers were crappy. Anyone know of a better strategy I can use to link up with wholesalers in my area?


Your better off just doing your own hunting on properties yourself. That's the way I see it. Do your homework and focus on a area. The wholesaling deal has never caught my attention. Network !

I'm looking to build a team of investors and wholesalers. As I get deals, as long as they are good, I know they'll bring investors. To ensure I don't keep properties long, I wanted to get in touch with wholesalers who are interested in joint venturing, as others may have investors I cannot/will not reach. My main goal is to ensure when I get a deal (considering it's a great deal), I can't sell it as quickly as possible. 

If you find a real deal, you won't have any trouble selling it to an investor in Houston or anywhere else.  Read up on how to do effective marketing and how  to talk to sellers. Then get after it. Finding buyers is the easy part in Houston. 

You know those "we buy houses" signs on the sides of the roads? Compile that list of phone numbers and call them all when u have a property to sell...because they all "buy houses"