First Time Meeting With A Potential Motivated Seller: What Should I Do?

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Hello BP Fam,

Later on today will be my first ever time meeting face-to-face with an actual potential motivated seller. With that said, what do I include in my discussion with her. I feel like we should break the ice and have her get comfortable to come back to me in a few days after this first meet (after thinking about it) with her initial offer. Therefore, I shouldn't bring out the contract, though I should probably bring something with me

Tell me YOUR thoughts! Thanks!

Ask her questions about her family, her job, and what she like to do for fun. Let her do the majority of the talking. Get to know her and be sincere. When she is telling you about herself, listen for her goals, strengths and any needs she might have and keep them in mind. Encourage and edify her. I'm not experienced in real estate, but I have bought a few businesses, and have learned that business follows relationship. If you establish trust, the business part will come much easier. I usually spend 3/4 of the time listening and asking questions and only 1/4 of the time talking business. Sometimes business does not even come up until the 2nd meeting. Most people go there entire lives without having someone really listen to them. It can make a huge impression and open the door to great opportunity. If you go to her with a genuine desire to have a win-win outcome, she will sense that and it will build trust.

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