What are the "best" motivated sellers to target?

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Obviously this is purely an opinion with no right or wrong answers, but just want to hear from wholesalers (with at least some success) share which type of motivated sellers they have had the most success. 

I am trying to determine which group to target with yellow letters...absentee, probate, high equity, landlords, pre-foreclosure, etc. 

All opinions greatly appreciated!


I am not a wholesaler but do market as such. In my opinion all your marketing should start with individuals with high equity because they can give the best deals and have the most leniency with what they can sell for. If your dealing with individuals with low/ no equity they are restricted on what they can sell for do to their loan amounts. (unless short sale or using some other form of creative financing). But yeah high equity should be the starting point. (high equity absentee owners). Not sure if that helps but that's where I stand with marketing.


@Brett Allender

This is my opinion but I think Wholesaling is a terrible place to start specialize

Other wholesalers and marketing dollars and time to get deals are severe obstacles


Get licensed

Go after expired a and cancelled listings

Cheap marketing

I would be a transaction engineer and 

make chunk cash with low equity deals first (sub2, wraps and lease option assignments) and 

then fund your marketing for wholesaling from there

Unless you have five grand a month available  for six months without making any money is ok :)

@Dev Horn

@Michael Quarles

@Jerry Puckett

@Brett Allender Perhaps ask better questions. 

An example is, "who" are the best and motivated sellers?

A seller with a bleeding neck problem that they know they can't solve alone, lots of equity, multiple issues (think prefect storm) and the ability to say 'yes' to your proposal. 

You don't need thousands of leads. You only need about six (6) real, qualified prospects at all times. Seriously. 

I only close one deal at a time but I may work on more. List people want to sell you phone books, yellow letter people want to sell you preprinted mail and dream merchants want you to buy into their mentoring programs. 

I like to reverse engineer each qualified prospect so that I know the facts and can reconcile against what the target tells me. Read more about direct response marketing and 80/20, too.

Reading through the threads about folks sending thousands of postcards/letters with no deals scares me. There has to be either something just not right with their message, phone skills, estimating repairs, or bad luck. Then there are the guys that send their first 100 and get a $15k deal!

Review MLS listings that are about to expire (think about the sellers frame of mind for the past 6 months trying to sell this puppy). The longer the better. and can pick up some really great deals if you can come in with all cash with quick closes.

Good Luck

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