Vacant house sold? question

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About two years ago I came upon an address. It was abandoned and boarded up. I was super excited and told myself this would be the one! So I skipped traced. But unfortunately I couldn't find the owner anywhere. Or I at least didn't get an answer. Well with me being young and impatient I moved on to the next. And sent a couple letters for the next two months then after completely stopped. I have came back to the address since driving passed it during July 4th and it was still boarded up which re ignited the excitement, but I questioned why in the last two years no one has picked it up. Location is great, it's in an active neighborhood etc.. Anyways the situation is I went onto zillow and also the county's assesor website to look up the status of the property. And it's status said that it was last sold on February 15th 2015. I thought that by now if that's the case it would have been getting worked on by now. So my question is, would this still be an opportunity? Why would it still be vacant, abandoned and trashed if it was sold in February? I hope someone can help me out with this situation. As I should've stayed consisted way back when instead of waiting two years. Anyways I appreciate anyone's help!

It could be there is something major wrong with the house that doesn't show from the curb. Or that it is a teardown and the new owner is working on getting a new building approved. Have you checked with the city's inspection and/or planning department?

So first things first. I should still skip trace to the new owner and ask what's going on with it basically? As a newbie investor. I am hoping this could be the treasure! But if it's sold back to the banks what would be the process then?