Absentee/ Notice of Default List Review.

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Hey guys I am new so hello!!!

I wanted to really see what lead list you are using for absentee owners/ notice of default? 

I recently purchased 400 leads for $110.00 from Leads4Discount thats about .29 per address, which i thought was a great deal! he basically has access through farm data through his title company for list so he is willing to work things out, but you can only contact him through email. I just wanted to know if you guys are using this or anything else and what they are charging?. I have heard of listsource and many others etc.. but with a budget for a newbie it still can be tough. thanks everyone well and hello i look forward to the future of investing!! 

Hey! That is an awesome deal! Never heard of them? Anyways list source is actually really good it has everything you need in detail. It can get really pricey but if you are willing to take action and do whatever it takes, sometimes you're gonna have to budget and sacrifice for the better. Anyways the leads4discoutn deal you got is pretty good. More info?

I live in Ohio. I have contacted lawyers and the county recorder about seeing notices of default. The recorder doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about and the lawyer said it's not public information. What is happening. Someone help!!