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I am very very new to real estate after trying to get my feet wet and wholesaling I have been more than a week on searching for homes looking for owners and their number this person who was supposed to help me was supposed to come today and meet with me about things I need help with and contacting the owners and making deals but unfortunately that person down so now I'm stuck with these home owners and these numbers and I don't know what to do with them what's my next step

I'm so very frustrated at this point almost to the point where I just want to give up.

You're going to have to be more specific. Are they asking prices? Offers? Have you gone to see the properties? Or just set up appointments?

I would give up if you are reliant on someone else and don't know what you're doing. If you don't have knowledge or passion, you're missing the 2 keys ingredients.

@Nat Chan Harsh don't you think? Everyone needs someone to teach them something.

@Jennifer J

Do not give up. You already took the right step in coming to BP. 

I have not done wholesaling yet, but plenty of members on here have. 

My original mentor ended up being worse than a used car salesman. He agreed to split marketing costs with me and then bailed after I committed to it. Being a man of my word I stuck it out. I spent money I didn't have on a credit card I shouldn't have used. I partnered with a co worker and figured it was better to try and fail vs not try at all. 

In my first month I got my first deal. Wholesale with a profit of $10,000.00

We have done 10 deals in the last year and own two rentals now as well. 

I was a dead broke newlywed who had never done a Real Estate deal in my life. You came to the right place. Read the how to guides under the learn tab. Listen to the podcasts. Go check out those properties. 

Don't give up! This is a marathon not a sprint. Wholesaling is difficult, you have a lot to learn. I personally love podcasts, not only for the content but they lead to books, websites, and other sources. BP podcasts are topnotch but there's also others like Sean Terry and Real Estate Investing Mastery. 

Wholesaling lures in a lot of newcomers but there are many facets to REI. Good luck!

Dont give up if this IS REALLY  what you want.   I'm new too.  Doing My First Batch Of Bandit Signs Tonight! !!  Keep educating yourself.  

You have to really be committed to this to win it.  I am a newbie myself with a serious deep passion.  Meditate and ask yourself are you in this.  Do you love real estate?  Do you love a career that you will never be able to know "everything" in, yet you can succeed.  I haven't closed a de deal.  I just started a few weeks ago and now I'm sending out marketing materials.  Watch YT videos of people who are passionate and making it.   Supposedly this is a great forum (I'm a newbie and like to thus far).  Go to (or wherever you choose) and design some business cards, print some flyers on your own computer or at least create the flyer and print it and a printing store, and start marketing.  There's tons of free knowledge out there on YT.  I've been studying my butt off.  One thing, don't solely rely on others is my motto.  As I stay committed I am hoping to attract others who remember somebody helped them.   Good lock to you @Jennifer J    Good luck to us both!

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