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How do I scrub a list through a National Change of Address service provider?

I feel like I need to run my list through looking for address changes as my list has a little dust on it.  I am having a hard time figuring that out.  Any one know the easiest way?

Thanks - Adam

Are all of those people homeowners or rental property owners? Who is you target market? I go for only absentee with 30% or more equity through list source.

Its a highly targeted list I pulled from tax records, cross referenced with deeds of trust, added in the average mortgage rate for the month of the loan, assumed 39 yrs, and I pretty well have it narrowed down to people who owe 50% or less of what the place is probably worth now based on a price-per-bedroom.  A lot of free and clear properties.

I am targeting specific census tracts.  Must have owned for 10 years or more, 3 beds, 1-2 baths.  I am hitting the entire census tracts, except flood areas.

I have a list of about 1,700.  Unfortunately, 1,375 are owner occupants and 325 are absentee (some own more than one place in my target areas).  But I am mostly interested in the areas first and foremost.

Issue is it has taken me several months to build the list and I have been waiting to get paid so I can put a down payment on a place or two at a time.  But now I am ready and I am thinking I might need to clean my list.

assumed 30 years

I figured out how to clean your list.  

Go to Mellissa Data and download the free application for excel.  Then follow the directions.  They only charge you for what they do.  So for the NOCA (national change of address) which uses 10 credits they only charge you for the change of addresses.

I have an absentee list of 326 absentee owners of specific types of properties in specific areas that I like.  See above.  I ran the list as a test and expected to pay $50.  They only charge you for what they adress and not a flat fee per entry.  So it ended up costing me $18.86.

For that I found out I had 5 bad addresses which I cannot find a good address for (so now my list is 321).  There were 63 updated addresses (I got my list from the property assessor's data).  I obtained 133 phone numbers and 59 email addresses.  I also obtained the age of 162 people, household income on 130, and the occupation of 83.  They also corrected some typo's in the names of these people.

Considering I had 68 bad addresses and plan on hitting these addresses 7 times, this saved me $238 (at $0.50 per piece).  And I have these email addresses, phone numbers and some demographic data that can help me tailor my message to these clients that I would not otherwise have.  

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