Attorneys and Title Companies

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Hi. What I think should be a quick three-part question regarding attorneys and title companies. 1. Maybe a stupid question, but where can I go to find out which of the two a particular state uses? 2. Can I assume that the ONLY thing that matters here is the state the property is located in, not what state I'm personally located in? 3. Anyone know of any good ways of finding them?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

A good local realtor should be able to clear that up for you.

Yeah, I kind of know that. But the problem is that I want to already have some of this information before speaking to a realtor so that it sounds like I know what I'm doing!

yes, it depends on the state the property is in

the links @kyle j. gave are perfect

as far as finding them, ask others investors for who does investment transactions, not all will 


@Kyle J.  

Yes, those links are exactly what I was looking for -- they answer my question definitively. Thank you!

Just one more thing I thought of. Does whether a state uses attorneys or title companies make any difference to one's bottom line in a deal? That is, are there more costs associated with using an attorney than there are using a title company? I would kind of think there are, but I don't know. Thanks again.

@Kyle J.undefined (no idea why it's repeating the mention here -- I always have trouble getting this feature to work properly)

sometimes you won't have a choice, but from what i have seen, attorney's are always more expensive in relation to what they charge for searches, the binder and the closing fee :)

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