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There are literally hundreds of vacant properties in Washington, DC. I know there's at least 10 within five blocks of my house. There's construction going on everywhere. I'm like a boxer trying to get into the ring and can't. I have mailed hand written letters to property owners and gotten no response. I did talk to a neighbor about one of the properties, but so far I haven't heard from the owner. Does anyone know of a sure fire way to get an owner's phone number? I tried the USA.com thing to no avail. I also found a free piece of software on cnet.com called "Elite People Search" and got one valid phone number.

Persistence.... They cant all hide forever. Eventually you will get one, a good one. Good luck.

Hi Lawrence,

Have used Spokeo.com in the past to sift out connections to relatives and other avenues to track down elusive persons in conjunction with whitepages.com .  Put your own name in and city to see if how accurate this amalgamation of public data can be! 

@Lawrence Robertson any updates on this?
I've been doing driving for dollars for vacant and distressed homes.
I mail them and any return mail I get I do a search on spokeo for the listed owner and text them or call and mail to the listed address of all the relatives.
Repeat monthly until they reply.

For the text I used something like this. "My friend brought your property on (123 main st) to my attention. Would you accept a cash offer on it?"

Good luck!

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