How do I use public records to find wholesale deals?

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I'm looking for a great way to find wholesale deals. I'm new and I've been looking for months for a property worth rehabbing and I'm finding it hard. I've learned a lot over the last few months but I still haven't found a worthwhile rehab property. I grant that the market has been cold lately.

As far as marketing, lead generation and just knowing where to look to find deals, what are some things I should be working on and doing everyday to get a nice stream of leads. I know about driving for dollars but other than that...

What can I start doing today and tomorrow?

I've also heard that searching the public records are a good way to find lead. To be honest I really don't know how to search public records. 

Google your county tax assessor. Google your county + evictions or whatever you're looking for. You can find probate, code violations, pre foreclosures, and evictions. Most are free or for a small amount of money. 

you can set up key word serches on your local craigslist..... Use "iftt" to send you emails or text every time some thing us posted. I have 22 key words and get about 60 lrads a week. They are not all good, but some even go on my buyers list. Hope it helps.

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