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Hi Everyone,

I am in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area and have been reading and watching videos on wholesaling and house flipping  for some time now, just haven't taken the plunge into the market as it is still unclear to me how to do that first deal. I am sure for the seasoned it seems so elementary but for me that is the only thing holding me back. My background is Interior Design and remodeling of older homes. I also am in the process of obtaining my real estate license to better understand the contracts for real-estate. I am not afraid of being an entrepreneur as I have been one all my life, I just feel this is the time for me to take my experience and put it to better use that will net me freedom to spend my time in a manner that would net me more satisfaction.

I am ready to take the leap!


@Sharry Nelson

Welcome to the Bigger Pockets community!

Best of luck on your new adventure.

Glad to have you with us.

Come on in! You will be amazed at what you learn along the way. I find every one has to find there own way at there own pace. There is a curve, but the most important thing one must do is take action! Good luck Sharry!

@Sharry Nelson

Welcome to Bigger Pockets community. Be sure to check out “Learn” for all kinds of useful resources and free how to guides.

@Sharry Nelson

Have you thought about teaming up with a large rehabber in your area, to offer your design services in exchange for some mentoring, overseeing of a flip? 

Thank you all, everyone has been so helpful! I will reach out to some local rehabbers.

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