Colored vs White envelopes?

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So I am on my 5th mailing campaign all but the letter has been written. I am targeting probates in my area. I just wanted to see if maybe switching it up to a colored envelope would give me some response? I know that newly filed probates is all about consistency. Which I am committed to. I just want to be different possibly because they are probably receiving the same thing from other investors. I send these letters the day after they are filed. In white invitation envelopes. So I was wondering would a colored envelope be to much? Especially with the situation. Or would it be better to stick to the white professional look? Thanks again Bp!

@Carolina_E. I figured that having colored would be a little too much. but the slight tan color is a good change. I also wanted to know is it preferable to have the addresses on the envelopes printed or written?

Raden Mantuano definitely write the addresses on the envelope. Then they will know that an actual person took time to send them a letter and be more likely to open and read it. Think about it, which would you be more likely to open?
Zack Broaddus most def! I will continue to write on the envelopes. But as more files get pulled and more leads come in these hands will either gain more strength or carpel tunnel lol. But I believe that staying consistent something will come from it. I also do cold call the PR's.