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when coming in contact with a cash buyer, should i mention that i am a wholesaler or do i just go straight into asking what type of properties they buy and ect.. if possible i would love to see some basic dialogue scripts of wholesaler with a cash buyer, i have contacted a few cash buyers and they insist they do not do business with wholesalers. what would be my main method of interrogation to add them to my list of cash buyers, i know where to look for the cash buyers and i am more than sure that i can get them i am just stuck on the actual dialogue once i do find them. thanks! 

@Jose Montero

Jose, I think that you should be up front and honest about what you are doing, however when you use the word "wholesaler" it has a bad ring to it these days, because most wholesalers don't know what they are doing and don't bring good deals.  If you can ask your questions first and find out they want, and then just ask "if I can find you a property that matches your criteria, would you buy from me"?  And I bet you 10 out of 10 times that if you brought them a property that is exactly the price and terms they want, they would buy from you.  And they would tell other people "I don't do business with most wholesalers, I actually only do business with 1 wholesaler, Jose, because he actually brings deals that I love". 

Investors do get defensive when you say you are a wholesaler, and you have to change their perspective about you by bringing great deals that make sense to them.   Most investors I talk to say "I know 20 wholesalers, and I only do business with 1 or 2 of them, because they actually bring deals." 

Good luck. 


Thanks for the feedback brett!

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