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I am currently attempting to build a Strong Buyers list. Could anyone give me some stron advice on how to findo new cash buyers.

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Yes it is very difficult to find someone who is serious about buying. Thanks Adrian, seems as if you stonefly believe in iFlip. So I'll give you the thanks in Advance .

Hey Keeno and welcome! I am a new whoelsaler as well and the way that I have found to build a list is to reach out to people right her on BP in your area and ask questions. Ask people who are flippers and buyer/holders exactly what they are looking for and let them know that you find deals and would love to add them to your list. I like to cater to the needs of the cash buyers and get deals that they are specifically looking for. You can also go and join your local REI clubs and get to know the buyers there. The seasoned investors do not mind telling you what they are looking for and answering your questions. That way when you approach them with a deal that you have under contract you already know that it is what they are looking for and it is an easy transaction. It will also help build your reputation as a good wholesaler and a person other people want to do business with. I have been on here for just a few months and I already have a pretty good list of buyers that are capable of buying. They were all wonderful about answering questions because the better I know their needs the better I can help their business and in turn help mine. You just have to reach out and get to know everyone! Good Luck!!

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Welcome to BP. I am 6 months into educating myself, learning from mentors, and networking through my local REIA. Here is where I am finding success in building my cash buyers list for wholesale deals. In no particular order:

**Do drive arounds and call 'For Rent' signage. Ask these persons if they are considering selling their current rentals or if they are looking to pick up a few extra properties, offer your services as an investor/wholesaler.
**Introduce yourself to local Property Managers/Landlords and ask who their cash buyers are, and if they don't mind you leveraging your relationship with them to offer your services to those buyers if you were to find a good deal for them. Get their phone & email (if possible).
**Look for other 'Big Players' in your community and ask them what their strategies are. In return offer them your time and take their time seriously. Find ways to become a benefit to them, they may just support your first few wholesales until you can drum up enough money to purchase your own buy/hold property.
**Go to local REO Auction sales, these persons almost always pay cash for properties and bid the prices way up! Let them know who you are and ask them 'Hey if I find a hot deal that you could rent or fix-up and sell, could I tell you about it'. Be genuine of course and not so pushy, these guys are serious about their margins.

**Network, network, network. Get on BP, ask questions, ask for the relationship. Go to your local REIA club meets and shake hands, share business cards.

God bless you in your efforts bud!! Work Hard, Be Honest, drive your business with Integrity!


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