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Any recommendations for phone service for sellers to call? Used google voice last campaign and was not impressed.

you should listen to podcast 77 they have some really good tips on campaigns, leads, and such for wholesaling. I heard from there a few methods for voicemail and linking all your leads together. They were





im not sure how you use each of them but the podcast explains them to you a little better. 

Just buy a cheap cell with your local area code. One that doesn't require your info, and use it strictly for marketing, deals, sellers, and buyers.

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I know this is an old thread but I just found it searching for an answer to the same question, so then I re-listened to podcast 77 with Michael Quarles.  Unfortunately all of that good information about marketing, phone services, and linking leads together wasn't in there.... It was an awesome podcast and well worth a second listen though!

The marketing topic podcast with Michael Quarles was his second one which was podcast 81.  That's the one you wanna listen to if you're looking for info about phone services, linking leads, etc...

Slow reply I do realize but hopefully somewhere down the road it will help somebody out! :)

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