Seller leaves VM: "I want $ dollars, you pay title and closing costs or take me off your list"

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The asking price is likely at retail or above. What would you do? 

Call him back and throw him a lower offer? 

Call him back and say "thanks for calling. Call me if you ever want to have a serious conversation?" 

Don't call back at all?

I would try something to the effect of, "I don't think we'll be able to come to terms at this time, but I would appreciate it if you allowed me to keep you on file in case I can make the numbers work later."  If he says no, just let him know he's free to keep your contact information should he want to negotiate a deal later.

You'll probably never end up doing business with the guy, but I wouldn't burn a bridge either.

I just keep mailing them... 

Man I hate how cranky some people are. But!!! That's half the fun of direct mail. You will hear people string together the most beautiful arrangements of four letter words. 

I would make them an open ended offer and take them off your list.

I have found that most folks like this aren't worth the hassle. I would call and chat and see if they cool down, but if they are unreasonable AND mean, I have better uses for my time.

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