Wholesale and title companies

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So on Tuesday I may have my first house under contract to wholesale. My question is do i take the contract to a title company right away or do i wait once i assign over the contract? Im located in California  

@Mike Thompson

The next step is finding a end buyer to assign the contract to.  Once you get the buyer in place then you should send the documents to the title company to start the title work and schedule closing.  Sometimes the buyer might prefer a different title company also.  That is how we do it in MO, I am not sure if it is different in CA.



Good luck on taking action with your first wholesale deal.


I send mine right to title, but it's because I have a good list of investors to sell to, and I just send them the assignment as soon as I get it. I agree w/ Ryan, get it assigned and then send it over to title. 

For me finding a good title company to work with that understands how investors work is huge.  Some have never dealt w/ wholesalers and don't like any kinda change. Go sit with them and talk to them.  If they know you're going to be sending them multiple files a month I'm sure they will get excited about it!   

Thanks guys, really needed this

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