Getting too many Virtual Sale leads no Buyers!

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I have a few leads that i can put under contract right now that can make a pretty penny. I am basically new in virtual wholesaling and its hard for me to find buyers/ investors. What is the best way about going around in finding them? I have leads from Niles Southwest Michigan, Great Cacapon  West Virginia  and  Cleveland Ohio. 

If there's anyone out there that can help me find buyers, I will gladly give an even spread with you!

Email me what you have in West Virginia 

I also have a home in LaGrange Georgia. Great opportunity for a fix and flip or buy and hold. its about 75% renovated and can go for much more after its completely finished. 

When you virtual wholesale (depending on your marketing), you will come across many random area leads.  If you find somebody good in Ohio, Michigan, or West Virginia - I'd be interested in talking to them also. I've had atleast 10 in the last week between Ohio and WV that I haven't really done anything with. I hate wasting leads :\

I can help find buyers in Michigan I have connections all over the state. Let me know if I can help any of you guys looking in the mitten. It is an awesome place to invest.

if you don't have the properties under contract, what are you selling the leads?

@Todd Plambeck - it sound like he's wanting to make sure he has a way to offload the properties before he ties them up under contract.

@Derek Torculas - If the deals are good enough you shouldn't have trouble finding buyers. You can contact REIA's in those areas and see if they'll list the properties for you to their members. There's Craigslist and there's also the Marketplace here on BP.

Yes , im planning on putting the home in LaGrange , GA under contract today as well as a multi unit and SFH in Cleveland Ohio

@Nick Bellmore I will get in contact with you today

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