USPS Vacant Property List.

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I was looking through their website and came up an opportunity of a vacant property list that they provide to non profits.. is the accessible to us as well? and if it is, would it be accurate information? if so any results?? 

I know this is an old post, but this is for anyone else that comes along. The list from USPS/HUD won't work, here is what it says right on the login page...

"The vacant address data does not include a list of addresses or properties: It is a tabulation of counts and vacant/occupancy status of addresses in census tracts"

The vacant property list is available, which includes multiple fields of granular address information. This type of list is currently being offered strictly to data providers but we are currently developing a web application to enable end users (investors) to access this data.

When we query our national consumer data set we look to several specific criteria. #1 loan to value: we list all vacants that appear to have 100% equity. Properties should have plenty of built in equity. #2 CoreLogic Pass Prospector Home Value: we display any property valuation. #3 Any other relevant information within data set.

Even though vacants are a great tool for investors...a list or map tool should be looked at as just a "time saving" tool. 

If you have any questions on how you might be able to use big data within your business model..feel free to contact.

@Cory Damon is correct, the data is unusable ( see screenshot) 

I was able to get my hands on the list a couple of years ago and hit a wall as it mainly contains address counts in census tracts. 

This does not mean the USPS does not have the actual addresses, they just don't disclose addresses or APN's to the public or even to non profits or for research purposes. 

If you have software like Accuzip you can run your own list through the software which appends or compares your addresses with the USPS vacant database and it WILL flag the vacants for you, but you need to have the addresses to begin with.