San Antonio- wholesalers, would love to hear someone's success story. Where are most deals found? Can I be added to your buyers list?

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Hello, everyone! I'm not asking for anyone's secret sauce if you will. But, I would like become involved in the local wholesale community, and if anyone would like to share some advice with me, I'd gladly accept it. Also, I would love to expand my network and help others if I can, so please take this opportunity to connect with me.
Hi @Jessie Bienvenu , deals are found in many ways.  
  • Sphere of influence can provide many deals.  Do people know that you are in the business of solving problems, and providing solutions for difficult properties & situations?  
  • Start networking with people in the business, if you haven't already done so.  Check for the location of RE meetings near you.
  • Drive neighborhoods, looking for houses that don't seem to be occupied or taken care of.
  • Post signs, flyers, etc (in compliance with local regulations and laws, of course)
  • Knock on the doors in neighborhoods where a house was recently sold.  Chances are high that one of the neighbors intends to sell soon.

These are just a few suggestions.  There is not one simple way to find deals.  They won't chase you down when you first get started.  If you build a relationship with people, treat people fairly and ethically, and strive to solve THEIR needs and not yours, you will have plenty of deals to choose from.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Knocking a neighborhood where there was a recent sale is a new one for me and, I will add that to my repertoire.  Since this posting, I have identified some lead sources and taken a lot of action, now have some leads coming in and identified some seriously motivated sellers.  I am now looking to find the best solution for them and me, and should be able to monetize my first lead.  I think I'm starting to build some inertia which is exciting.

@Jessie Bienvenu

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Networking should be highest on your list. You will learn from others just in casual conversation. If you find some people that you really like and can see that they are dominating in their area, get to know them more.

There are several big REIAs and a bunch of smaller ones. Attend the meetings and contribute to the group.  That is how you are going to meet people in the business.

If you dont want to meet realtors or other investors there are other groups that you can be involved with. Some that come to mind are: BNI, Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce. There are so many chambers of commerce in the San Antonio area, San Antonio Chamber, Helotes Chamber, Northside Chamber, Westside Chamber, and many others.

The more people that know your name the better.

Are "We Buy Houses" signs effective in San Antonio? I'm moving there in a few months and will be testing the market...Can't wait to network and join the wholesaling community

Hello @Jessie Bienvenu

When starting wholesaling you need to figure which type of buyers are in your current network and then go look in the areas they're looking for houses.

Don't try to wholesale everywhere in SA because every area is different and they require a different buyer. I think SA is coming to the peek for flipping. The strategy that will last you is wholesaling buy and hold. The issue with this is there's more education you need to do with buyers.

This is an extremely oversimplified answer but if you have more questions feel free to reach out.

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