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Hi Everyone!

Just wondering what software programs you have found best for wholesaling? When doing a few different cities keeping track of agents, buyers, sellers, banks, attorneys, email sent ect is getting a little overwhelming. 

Thank you,

Marina Wedge

Hello Marina,

I am need of the same thing. Did anyone get in contact with you? Let me know if you found anything out.



It sounds like you need a CRM. One of the great free options out there is one called Insightly You can use it manage all your people, schedule automatic emails, and even create "projects" to track your deals. Let me know if you need any help getting started with it.


you need a good CRM, the 2 best free CRM's are Podio and Zoho which I prefer. Both have free versions which work just fine and you can upgrade as you go. Otherwise you will have to use an excel sheet which to me is HELL!!!! Hope that helps.

Jut to throw some more in the mix here for you Marina, I've heard of Base CRM and Solve CRM being thrown around as well - I personally have experience with SolveCRM and find it great for tracking everything - almost everything can be automated!

I use podio. There are wholesaling apps you can download within podio that has all the needs tools. Joe McCall also sells a program where he sets the whole system up for you from scratch. Not sure of the costs. Thanks! 

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