selling my strong leads without purchase

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When I gather strong leads without purchase, is it wrong to charge $750 for the lead before it is listed? Living in Ohio do I need a license to sell my source? If I am allowed to perform this deal what is the specific information I give to buyer for the lead? What information si I give to buyer before he buys. My guess is the numbers, the sqft, # of bedrooms and baths. Whether there is a buyers premium. How much information do I give to the buyer so he can make an informed decision before buying? Obviously I dont reveal my source until he buys right?

Someone mentioned you could do this type of transaction or I could obtain a purchase agreement and sell my interest. Either sell my leads to gain quick cash or gain title and sell my interest. Selling my leads do not require a license. I live in Ohio and I am not trying to break any regulations. But right now I am running this wholesale business on my own by myself. So trying to cut cost keep overhead real low. I guess i could call the ohio board of real estate (if this is not correct please direct me to the right place to find out or if you already know please share)

If you believe it's really a good lead then get it under contract. You can write up a hot deal and then assign it to someone else. Buyers will pay you for the right to purchase a great deal and you can end up making a lot more. Also you don't have to worry what info the potential buyer obtains because you've already locked in the deal. Just remember to always leave you an exit clause in the event you don't find a buyer. Anyways, it's just a thought and I wish you the best in generating leads.

thank you Kurt. I just read somewhere to put the exit clause without recourse. Just as you mentioned. Ok. I will see what happens from here but I will keep advertising and get my name out there.

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