Door Hangers and Series Postcards- Any success?

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My partner and I are doing research on as we decide what our best strategy will be for marketing. Has anyone experimented with series postcards or door hangers? Would love to hear any feedback or successes!

Hi @Samantha VanNorman undefined

Best thing to do is use a great company like yellowletters and have them mail out very specific letters with purchase agreements to potential sellers! You will first need to gather your data and create a mail merge - but the time and energy saved + outcome - cannot be matched!

I just threw away a door hanger today and did not even look to see what it was. 

Hope this helps!


@Samantha VanNorman  We really like We send multiple campaigns each month using them.  Great customer service as well. However, we have found postcards are a complete waste of $ for us. Like @Jill DeWit stated, many sellers just throw those away. I've had more than a handful of sellers who stated that they called us because of the "letter" (so I know they are referring to the zipletters with the perforated edges) I guess they look more official. After the 5th or so seller told us over a period of time that they called us because of the letter, I told my husband "no more postcards!" Same with door hangers, we found people don't respond to those either. 

You really have to do trial and error and play to what your potential sellers like. I guess here in Texas they like the more "official" look. :) 

@Jamie Bounds undefined

You are so right! Spending a little more time and money and making nice, personalized looking (thanks to mail merge) letters makes a HUGE difference!

I have had sellers hang on to our letters for YEARS. They weren't ready to sell in 2008, but they are NOW - and they are calling me!

We have used the same 2 page letter/purchase agreement format for many years with incredible results. Just be sure you hang on to the same phone number so they can find you years later!

-- Jill

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