Do any experienced wholesaler want an Intern?

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Hello BP.

My name is Josselyne and I am currently residing in south Texas. The reason for this post is because I am just starting my wholesaling business and I would really like to get hands-on experience in the field. I am offering to help with anything an experienced wholesaler may need help in. Like an internship. I can help you do tasks you don't have time for, such as filling out handwritten envelopes for your direct mail campaign or anything in the like. In return I would just ask that you guide and direct me in the process of my first direct mail campaign and walk me through my first deal. I am very motivated and hard working. I am also a very fast learner. If anyone would be willing to take me as their intern I would greatly appreciate it. I hope to hear a response from someone soon. Thank you for your time. 

Most wholesalers are like chefs they typically don't give up there recipe for success. you just have to find your niche in this huge market and keep it close to your chest.

Good Luck..

Originally posted by @Muhammad Abdullah :

Most wholesalers are like chefs they typically don't give up there recipe for success. you just have to find your niche in this huge market and keep it close to your chest.

Good Luck..

I agree with you I know this is a long shot but I don't lose a thing for trying. Hopefully someone will be willing to take me as their inter. Thank you for the luck.

Hi Josselyne, search "Real Estate Wholesaling coaching in USA" online. You may find some few, genuine RE expert coaches that will coach you for less than $1,700.00 for six months.

You MUST also buy RE wholesaling BOOKS, and you MUST read these books. Reading RE books will help you, and give you the ability to ask questions. No matter how good your coach is, you need to develop yourself too by asking good questions on RE.

Joining one or two good RE Investors Association in the city you live in will also improve, and speed up your learning rate. If you know don't anything, don't hesitate to search it online.

Don't say or tell yourself you can't do it, tell and ask yourself HOW CAN I DO IT (Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

Good luck. 

@Josselyne Lugo   offer your service to top producing RE brokers .. this will create a job that could lead to a lifelong career.. the wholesaling career is short lived at best

Jay, do you primarily consider yourself a real estate broker or an investor? And if you had it do over would you start as an investor or an agent? Or some combination? I am just curious. You seem to have a wide range of experience(s) and would love some insight. I have a great deal of experience in the mortgage industry (although somewhat outdated currently) and am trying to figure out which path to take to get back into the RE industry.

@Jay Hinrichs

@Bill Hamilton   here is my path

Agent at 18 in CA broker at 20... sold RE for about 12 years .. then got hired by syndicator in Bay Area doing site acquisition ( great job I got commish and equity) In 1987 I engineered the buy out of a HML company my dad used for 20 years.. I got a major equity stake and was president.. ran that for 6 years.. 50 million HML in Bay area.

disaster struck in 1989 to 1990  and I sold out in 1992  remember earth quake and war.Bay area took a huge hit then.

I then through a sheer luck.. met my future bizz partner around the pool in Maui.. and I got in the timber business in Oregon I lived in Napa valley and commuted form 92 to 2001.. that was a GREAT run and one of the best business I have ever done.

went into buying foreclosure in Oregon in 2001 it got uber competitive when trustee info become available on the net.. moved those funds back to HML ( in those day I just wrote a letter ot the state and got a Mortgage bankers license no test required) ran that company up to 35 to 40 million then got my postier handed to me in 2008 to 2010 and then put together a company to buy distressed assets.. ran that up to 350 homes form 2010 to 2013 got bought out and had a nice liquidity event.. now I just build houses in Oregon and Charleston and do JV deals with folks in 12 states. I still keep my brokers license but I don't practice and have not in years. .I have my NMLS license but I don't use it either.

that's my story.

@Jay Hinrichs Thanks for sharing. That is quite the tale. I am not sure what my takeaway is yet in terms of moving forward. I actually share some of your experiences, even including being in the timber business, and getting my rear handed to me in the great 2008- whatever debacle. I was a mortgage broker then and kept thinking it would bounce back soon. Ah well.

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