How to get Out of State Owners under contract

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I am fairly new to the real Estate investing arena. I've decided to start with lease purchase/owner finance strategy first. I have started marketing to Out of State owners and have a few leads. I have already figured out the scrip I am going to use when I called them. The one thing I can't find an answer to, in the event they agree to sell, is what is the best way to get the contract to them and get them to sign it and have a notary also sign it. So I was hoping to get some help.

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The contract doesn't need to be notarized, only the closing.  You can use a service like Docusign or send it to them overnight mail with a return envelope and postage.  If you are using a title company to close, which I hope you are, they will send out a mobile notary for closing or coordinate with a local title company for the seller closing.


Thank you for the information it is very helpful. I am planning on using an attorney that does closings. I will share my experience once I get my first deal on the burner. 

Let me ask you if there is a particular contract you use here in Texas? 

Once again Thank you.

I always use the Texas Real Estate Commission 1-4 family contract.  Agents know it, attorneys know it, title companies know it and it makes seller more comfortable knowing not something I scribbled onto a piece of paper.


Great information.


I use Hellosign. I believe you can send up to 4 documents a week totally free.

Thank You Don.  I will check it out. 

No notary needed. There are apps such as docusign you can sign documents with via email. If the seller isn't too tech savvy then you can overnight them the contract via FedEx and include what they would need to overnight it back.

Jesse, thanks for the info. 

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