I will buy your home vs. I will help you sell your home -- thoughts?

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Looking for advice from those who have tried both approaches to selling your services to a seller and have a clear preference that works for them. "I will buy your home" or "I will make you a cash offer" techniques are straightforward but likely misleading if the intent was always to wholesale.  True, you have no obligation to disclose what your business plan is and disclose everything in fine print, but you probably still feel a bit skeevy afterward.  "I will help you sell" is transparent, but potentially runs afoul of real estate licensing laws, makes you an agent instead of a principal, and sellers may object that they should just hire a realtor.   Do you have a preference for one approach or the other and why?

When I began wholesaling I told myself that I'd use the profits to not only keep wholesaling but to also buy and hold along the way. Therefore I always tell a seller I'm not sure what the end result will be. I tell them I will not be living there and I could buy and hold it, fix and flip it, or turn around and sell it. Either way you will get the exact number we agree upon on the exact date we agree upon. No commissions. No closing costs.

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