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I have access to the MLS and believe this could be a valuable source to find motivated sellers.

I've searched for listings that are over 90 days old with keywords such as "handyman", "as-is", etc. This yields some useful results but I'm looking for even more crafty ways to filter for the really motivated sellers.  Another filter I think might make sense is to find homes that went from pending to available again. I'm thinking these folks would be extra motivated since their closing fell through.

What are search criteria that you've used to yield motivated sellers using the MLS?

You might add in "estate sale", "moving", "probate", "out of state".

@David Ocon

see if you can pull up expired or withdrawn listings from the mls.  

Awesome ideas! I love the pending to for sale idea. I see that happen all the time. I set up alerts or status change updates on properties like that. I originally asked my realtor to alert me but no way that was ever happening. Lol
Originally posted by @Adam Drummond :

see if you can pull up expired or withdrawn listings from the mls.  

I've pulled up expired listings but they're very deceiving, as these are typically immediately relisted with another Realtor. 

Hi David. These are the keywords/special circumstances I use when looking for properties: 

  • short sale, bank owned, REO, Estate Sale, Handyman Special, Needs Work, TLC, Motivated Seller, SOLD AS IS

"Sold As Is" is usually the worst one though because it pulls up a lot of rehabbed properties that aren't usually deals but I keep it just in case I find that one gem. In regards to looking for the change from pending to active, that might be something to look at too but I generally find the actives are more than enough to go through for my team and I. 

Happy MLS hunting! :)

Estate sale is a good one. A high number of days on market is also something to look for. Of course being the first one to submit a contract the day a good property comes on to the market will increase your chances of getting good properties also.

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