Beginning, Starting your Wholesaling Business

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What if you woke up one morning and decided you are finally going to go for this wholesaling strategy as a way of investing in real estate; What would be the first 5 things (or more if you like to) you would do?

1. Start connecting with investors in your local area.

2. Read and listen to relevant content here on BP, there is so much knowledge, take as much of it in as you can.

3. Decide who you're going after. Absentee owners, probates, driving for dollars, or a little of each. Your marketing strategy will differ a little between them.

4. Start sending out mailers to your lists once you're feeling ready and don't let up, just keep sending. Be sure to implement a system to stay organized so you know who you're mailing and when. You will want to hit each person multiple times.

5. Remember you're looking for motivated sellers. Not someone who is kicking the tires or could easily sell for retail. Don't waste your time with these people. Find those that are motivated!